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A Challenge

 When I was sent forth to announce the opening of the second round of the Small Fandom Big Bang (now open to all small fandoms) I sort of panicked because, heck, that's a *lot* of fandoms, and there's no way I can pimp to *all* of them.  But then I realized what a tremendous opportunity it was, because there are a ton of stories I've been wanting to see told in small fandoms and here's my chance to spread the ideas around in the hopes of hooking an author.  Thus, I give you a challenge:

Fandom: Newsies

Suggested Pairing(s): David/Jack

Genre(s): Post-movie, romance, drama

The Challenge: 
Most of the Newsies fic I've read has been modern AU and, while I adore AU, I have a hankering for some good old-fashioned post-movie fic.  

So, the movie has just ended and Jack finds himself at loose ends.  David's family, grateful and full of love, invite Jack to stay with them.  Of course, he can't stay in Sarah's room, which means David and Jack become roomies and, gradually, something more.  Later, when Jack starts planning his trip to Santa Fe, it occurs to him that it couldn't hurt to have a smart guy come along as, you know, a business partner.  Or something like that.

What I'm most interested in is a serious exploration of the challenges of forming a homosexual relationship in the very early twentieth century, even with the support of a loving family.  Things could get even more interesting in Santa Fe, where a distinct lack of women means that folks take Jack and David's 'friendship' at face value, but where other challenges -- the harsh environment, outlaws, etc -- could either make their relationship or break it.

Topping Suggestion(s):
-More details about Jack's past.

-Virgin!David (okay, that's probably a given...) 

The Small Fandom Big Bang Challenge:
If you think you can write a 30,000 word story from the above prompt (or if you think you have a 30,000 word story in you at all -- there are no assigned prompts and you pick your own small fandom), you might consider signing up for the SFBB.  We'll not only archive the story for you once it's finished, but we'll also provide encouragement (cheerleaders!), audience readers, beta readers, and fact checking.  Sign-ups are open until August 1st and there are a few eligibility requirements, so please read the sign-up post carefully before joining.

If you aren't interested in the SFBB but still want to write a story for this challenge, well, that would make me a very happy camper.  In that case, please leave a link in the comments to this post when you finish the fic so that I can gush appropriately:)  If you are interested in my other SFBB challenges, they can be found here.

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