Maria the Lost (mariagoner) wrote in newsies_fanfic,
Maria the Lost

Little Women/Newsies XOver: Falling Up (Jack/Jo, Jo/Laurie)

You can blame this fic on the brilliant madness of my co-writer Madwomanpoems (also known as Captivatedbythesky on Who else would make me wonder what would happen if, instead of settling down with the incredibly boring, if sweet, Professor Bhaer, Jo March of the Little Women series had decided to go back to New York after getting her heart torn in half by her new brother-in-law Laurie... and then gone on to meet his exact double, a certain former newspaper merchant by the name of Jack Kelly?

And then saw the sparks start flying?

And then, alight with this new vision, we ended up writing the first chapter to the story. Here's to hoping you enjoy the fruit of our labors presently. ;)

Title: Falling Up, Chapter 1
Fandom: Little Women & Newsies Crossover
Series: Falling Up
Co-writer: Madwomanpoems / Captivatedbythesky
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Jo, Jo/Laurie, Laurie/Amy, Cast of Both Series
Rating: R
Summary: When Jo March flees to New York to escape an old friend's betrayal, she never thought she'd end up meeting his exact double. But then, Jack Kelly didn't exactly know what he was getting into when he met her either... Jo/Jack, Jo/Laurie, Laurie/Amy.
Note: This is a Little Women/Newsies crossover, with all the madness that entails. Remember that Christian Bale played both Laurie (in LW) and Jack Kelly (in Newsies) and it makes marginally more sense.

No, his editor had gone and made sure Jack was spending what would have otherwise been a very pleasant Saturday morning napping or catching up with friends into a morning where he had to interview some hoity-toity old lady spinster about some book she'd written about her childhood-- Little Ladies or Midget Women or whatever. Like Jack really gave a damn about a happy, idyllic childhood in some happy, idyllic life spent frolicking in the woods with a happy, idyllic family.
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