Maria the Lost (mariagoner) wrote in newsies_fanfic,
Maria the Lost

Little Women/Newsies Fic: Falling Up Ch 2 (Jo/Jack, Jo/Laurie)

If you're on a roll with the lunacy, I suppose it's natural to keep on continuing. And without further ado, here comes a new chapter of Falling Up. I blame my brilliant co-writer Madwomanpoems for this, chiefly!

Title: Falling Up, Chapter 2
Fandom: Little Women & Newsies Crossover
Series: Falling Up
Co-writer: Madwomanpoems / Captivatedbythesky
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Jo, Jo/Laurie, Laurie/Amy, Cast of Both Series
Rating: R
Summary: When Jo March flees to New York to escape an old friend's betrayal, she never thought she'd end up meeting his exact double. But then, Jack Kelly didn't exactly know what he was getting into when he met her either... Jo/Jack, Jo/Laurie, Laurie/Amy.
Note: This is a Little Women/Newsies crossover, with all the madness that entails. Remember that Christian Bale played both Laurie (in Little Women) and Jack Kelly (in Newsies) and it makes marginally more sense.

Jack was a very nice man indeed, although Jo was currently refusing to allow herself to believe anything more could be at work. Surely this poor man was merely afraid that if he let the the twitchy psychotic who had just assaulted him waltz out of his sight, she'd probably go and threaten to dangle school children from a pier, or whatever. It was probably him attempting to look out for the public that made him call after her with such a surprising offer.
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